Notice Board

REPORTING for DUTY – the considerable challenge of note-keeping compliance in general dental practice OUTLINE


This lecture aims to offer insightful guidance through all aspects of the note-keeping process and will assist GDPs to attain a greater understanding of current regulatory standards.


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Ashik Gavai was a seventeen-year-old Indian boy in a lot of pain. The right side of his jaw was swelling up like a balloon, and the local doctor didn’t know what to do. Worried the culprit was cancer, his parents took the boy to a team of specialists in Mumbai. Once they started poking around inside his mouth the doctors made an incredible discovery.


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Teeth Tattoos

They might sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, but teeth tattoos are actually quite popular these days. Applied to a cap or crown, these images are permanent and come in all shapes and sizes, from pictures of George Washington to sailboats to phrases like “Bite Me.”



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dental nurses

We provide Dental Uniforms too

I-Dent provides dental uniforms for all dental professionals, including dental surgeons, dental nurses & hygienists. From dental scrubs to traditional tunics, our range is available is a selection of colours. We specialise in unisex styles as well as traditional male and female nurses’ uniform and all of our workwear is designed to be both hard wearing and comfortable. From single orders to multiple orders to cater for larger clinics, we can supply both the NHS and private sector healthcare organisations.


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